Pure INFJness

I’ve always had this feeling.

When I speak, sometimes the words I use are close to the meaning I intend, but not quite there. I become frustrated, because I haven’t fully communicated an idea or emotion that’s important to me. Writing gives me the time I need to reflect on my thoughts and edit my words to communicate what I really mean.
Maleficent [INFJ]



Introverted Intuition (Ni): Maleficent has a profound, deeply spiritual connection to the woodland and its creatures. She “guides” everyone she comes into contact with (setting the tone for the woodland, trying to impart upon Stephen the importance of respecting nature, encouraging Aurora’s…

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MBTI Reactions To…


Science (Requested)



"Science… or nothing…"



"I’ll just y’know, join the art team instead…."



We know so little science in comparison to how much there actually is, but it has helped humans progress. Personally it is in constant battle with my spiritual side. Science makes my life so much harder because I can no longer be satisfied so simply with religious concepts. - Alex

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Truth. Quote by Carl Jung.

Why I don’t share a lot about myself with certain people.

One of the many reasons I keep a journal.
How to Understand Your INFJ: Part 1


1. Accept that you will never really understand your INFJ. If it were possible for anyone to 100% understand any INFJ, an INFJ would have wrote a book on it by now. But the truth is, even we INFJs can’t completely understand ourselves, so we don’t expect you to. But we can tell when you’re…

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Myers Briggs By Teen Movie Stereotypes


INFJ: Any given cryptic deep girl who is just misunderstood in a teen movie
ESTP: Any given bad boy in a teen movie
INTJ: Any given dark silent guy in a teen movie
ESFP: Any given flirty party girl in a teen movie
INFP: Any given geek in a teen movie
ESTJ: Any given overprotective dad in a…

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